2:24pm 03-01-2022
My dog's name is Topco and I love him, very much.
8:40am 04-14-2016
Jill is the very best!!!! When mom goes to work....she is my very special friend. I am quite a needy fella....being a Bernese Mountain Dog....and bigger than Jill....she handles me wonderful and showers me with love. That makes my mom very very happy....and me too!!!!!!
9:38am 06-26-2015
Richard Nurse
We are traveling between July 8 and July 12 we have seven inside cats, whom we would liked to have you take care of. we also have a farel group that we feed on our back porch, normal is twice a day, for both groups.

Richard Nurse 585-259-2361 between 8 am - 9 pm. 54 Reddick Lane
9:15pm 06-06-2015
Nick Reisinger
My name is Nick Reisinger and I have a 9yo Old English Bulldog named Henry. I am in need of a dog walker 5 times every 2 weeks. I live in Hilton, NY 14468. I was wondering if we could set up a meet and greet to introduce you to Henry. I was looking for a 15-30 minute walk after a feeding for Henry. Thank you for your time. Look forward to meeting with you. Nick 646-753-0679
12:12am 01-05-2014
Johnny and Tiger
Hi Jill, we wanted to take a minute to say Happy New Year! We miss you. Hopefully our family will hit the road this year for a few vacations ao we can see you. We really like the way you take care of us and play with us. See you soon.
9:54pm 06-27-2012
Sharon Ragusa
Thanks sooo much for taking such gr8 care of our 5 cats whenever we r away!! We always come home to happy, healthy kitties. It means so much to us to know that we can depend on u to take wonderful care of our animals!! We love the cards and cat nip pillows too!! )
6:35pm 05-21-2012
Arline Virgil
Hi Jill, was going to thank you for the beautiful mother's day card and realized I didn't have your email address. Got a new computer, my son set it up, and lost all my info. My e mail is new too. I finally got off dial up. Maggie and Bella are still not friends. Maggie has me days and Bella sleeps with me. They figured that one out. Send me your e mail (not going anywhere, unfortunately, but hey, you never know!! Arline
5:54pm 08-29-2011
My "Auntie Jill" is better than Mom at taking care of me. She lets me drink water off her fingers (my preferred method) and stands petting me while I eat. I do not care to dine alone.
When she comes to visit, I am always ready to greet her, and show her exactly what I want. She speaks "Cat" better than most humans, that's for sure!